Consulting for Social Impact

We work with organisations that support a positive social impact by provide ethical consulting services to help measure and increase the impact and sustainability of their initiatives. We work with Impact Investors, Foundations, Non-Profits, Charities, Social Enterprises, and organisations with aligned Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.

Industry leading advice, for the most important industry

We believe that Social Enterprises need the best advice available, and recognise that the traditional consulting firm model doesn't always make it easy for to social enterprises to afford the best advice.  We aim to make the industry leading advice, methodologies and tools used by the "for profit" industry more readily available and affordable by leveraging a virtual bench and providing a more transparent and fair pricing model.

For Clients

We aim to provide services and consultants that make a genuine difference to improve Social Impact projects and initiatives by providing independent advice and leveraging industry best practice guidance through a practical and measurable approach. 

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For Consultants

We are looking for experienced consultants that want to make a difference, and are willing to transition into the Social Impact space to apply their experience and skills to more fulfilling causes by joining our virtual bench.

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Ethical Consulting

You won't find us using "playbooks" or a "land and expand" approach to sales here. We aim to make our services affordable while also making sure our consultants are paid fairly, with margins that allow us to operate sustainably and reinvest profits back into the company.